“27 Months” supporters

Sincere thanks to all the following generous souls who have contributed to our IndieGoGo campaign. Thanks for your wonderful comments!

Your support and help in spreading the word through all those Facebook posts and Tweets is crucial to getting this film made and bringing three diverse and wonderful Peace Corps stories to a broad audience.  http://www.indiegogo.com/27Months

Anonymous (you know who you all are)
Ellen Alkon
Katherine Alson
Emmanuelle Antolin
James Asmodeo
Marley Castillo
Michael Cheng
Tiffany Coke
Jean Combs
Noel Barragan
Todd Ben-Dor
Flavia Bianchi
Pete Bine
Lee Brainerd
Benjamin Breyer
Rebecca Butler
Timothy Driscoll
Janet Egan
Anna Fitch
Mistyne Hall
Daniel Hartley
Christie Herring
Leigh Iacobucci
Portia Jackson
Carrie Jamison
Linda Jenkins
Nikhil Kaza
Jeremy Kerman
Graham Kershaw
Andrea King
Alexander Kirschner
Audrey & Eric Lester
Matthew Lester
Lucy Lester
Robert Lester
Thomas William Lester
Jillian Martin
Robert & Bettye Mason
Jennifer McDonnell
Natasha Miley
Alexandra Minn
Daphne Moote
Lisa Fox-Mullen
Cathal Murray
Jessica Norman
Jenna Oelschlegel, RPCV Azerbaijan
Eric Pavri, RPCV Guatemala
Micah Perlin
Lisa Perry
Matthew Pickett
Alexandra Platt
Willyanne Decormier Plosky
Adam Readhead
Heather Tindall Readhead
Kristen Renshaw
Kristen Semanision
Phaedon Sinis
Tanya Sleiman
William & Melissa Stokes
Elizabeth Parks Thrash
Charla Tindall
Scott Toscano, RPCV Azerbaijan
Tamara Venit-Shelton
Anne Wagner
Evelyn Wagner
John & Sue Wagner
Kimberlin Wagner
Nora Watson, PCV Liberia
Ellen Wiewel
Katherine Withers
Benjamin Wu

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