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  1. Could you add some sort of quick link for donations to your page? Or at least instructions on how to donate? I was not able to find them on here.

  2. stephanie giardina

    Hello, I had good intent on donating to Ashley Tindall’s site, but realized time has run out. Is she still accepting donations for her project. Thank you, Stephanie

  3. I just came upon “27 Months” and look forward to the film coming out. And I hope you will post the answer the Vaye Town homeowner gives to you about the “interesting” window covering. I was a PCV stationed in Gbarma in the 1986-88 and worked with elementary school teachers in Gbarma, Vaye Town, Bopolu, Weasua and Gangbai, all in what was at that time Lower Lofa County.

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